Experimental living & practicing Indian Culture /Cuisine (SMILE LMTV13)

Experimental living & practicing Indian Culture /Cuisine  (SMILE LMTV13) :-


Work Type: Manu, Reno, Cul

Location: Madhyamgram



Details: SMILE always believes in family type of environment !! It is always been  a house of volunteers. Organisation always trying bring all international Volunteers to live together with  local volunteers as a big family . It is an  experimtal living initiative where volunteers living as an Indian  family and follow Indian culture while helping poor children in needs.  Such shelter would be our base point to bring smile around through volunteering. . Presently shelter is going on under the observation and guidance of local  family of volunteers .   We welcome young energetic hard working international volunteers to participate in our mission ! We also welcome groups to come and help us in construction and painting while experiencing living as a family !!


Example Daily Schedule:


Wake up early morning: 6 am

Breakfast: 6:30 am ( self service)

Work : 3-4 hours during week days,Exact work schedule would be delivered with infosheet.

Late afternoon:3pm - 6 pm workshop, cultural exchange, yoga

Dinner : 7:30pm ( volunteers required help themselves in serving ,washing )

After 7 pm exit door would be closed.No one allowed to go out or come in the accommodation after 7pm everyday including weekends.

9:30 bed time

** Please remember that programme schedule or project site can be changed or altered by the Project In-charge if required and all volunteers are requested to cooperate with our local members and partners. All schedule should be followed and mandatory for everyone to participate and contribute **