Volunteer India

Volunteer India : This opportunities available mainly for International youth though our partners from their own country .There are multiple short term,workcamp, special camps organized also only for Indian applicants. Please stay tuned for special camps dates for local youth.

Due to limited places ,all Indian applicants are requested to apply at least 6 months in advance through our online application form only.

International Workcamps : These are 2 weeks camps where volunteers (15-45 years) from all over the globe join together to help in different projects in India. Volunteers are welcome to apply for multiple consecutive workcamps as well (subject to availability.)

Long and Middle term Opportunities : These are 4-24 weeks projects where individual participants to help in different volunteering projects. Age 15-45 yrs.

Special Group Projects : Customized 2-4 weeks projects made for specific groups of youth/students/professional coming from same Country / Institution . 15-35 yrs.

Teen Group WorkCamps : Specially customized 2-3 weeks camps made for Teen groups between 12-15 years. Leaded by one/two adults.